What is JEVRES?

    JevRes.com is a one-stop software solution enabling the travel industry to sell tours efficiently, provide a consistent high level of customer service and simple back office administration. All of these benefits area available without the need for significant financial investment.

    We have integrated real-time reservation software, booking systems, web publication, accounting, and administration into one single integrated system. This eliminates any duplication of work and guarantees correct up-to-date information across the board. JevRes.com offers proven standardised systems created to benefit small and medium-sized actors such as travel firms, property-letting agencies, and incoming service providers. JevRes.com system is extremely flexible and is able to seamlessly integrate the handling of everything from the production of complex packages, dynamic packaging using clients' own resources in combination with hotel and resorts to the booking of the simplest of activities. We are always ready to take on board any new features afforded the travel industry by the Internet.

    Did you know... that clients booking on the Web purchase 47% more profitable optional extra services, and that 61% make their reservations outside office hours. As well, the majority of bookings are created on a Sunday afternoon. Moreover an online booking system fully integrated to your corporate website enhances your company trademark. We know and we know how to give small and medium sized operators a sharp competitive edge. We would be delighted to see you as the next one!

Web based travel technology for booking, content and sales management